Did you see us on the News?

Did you see us on the News?

We were delighted to see that wooden jigsaw puzzles was featured on ITV News West Country on 20th April! Here's the clip in case you missed it...

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We had some great coverage of our production and dispatching areas highlighting the extra safety precautions we have in place to keep our staff safe whilst still providing our customers with new puzzles.

ITV chatted to our Managing Director, Sarah Watson about the impact Covid-19 has had on the business and to our Production Manager, Tom Webb who explained why he thinks jigsaw puzzles are proving so popular during this crisis.

“They’re a great pastime. Obviously, people have got a lot more time on their hands indoors. They’re very immersive as well. You lose yourself in the puzzle and in these difficult times that we’re in it’s a great distraction for people.”

We are very pleased that people can turn to puzzles for their benefits, and that they’re proving so helpful during a potentially stressful time

We’ve really enjoyed talking to our customers on social media too, from puzzling with their families to passing on tips for new members of the jigsaw community, as well as finding out other things they are up to while social distancing.