How Jigsaw Puzzles are fitting into everyones lives

How Jigsaw Puzzles are fitting into everyones lives

With many of us spending more time at home than usual plenty of us are looking for rewarding and engaging ways to spend the extra time we have on our hands - whether it’s spring cleaning the house, honing your signature Victoria sponge cake recipe or learning that skill we always wanted to.

When it comes to fun things to do at home, we are starting to see a big resurgence of home based, analogue games and hobbies, not least the humble wooden jigsaw puzzles!

Here we’ll look into the potential benefits of jigsaw puzzles while we all do our part and #staysafe and #stayhome.

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Mindfulness and Relaxation

At a time when it’s easy to feel wound-up and frustrated, indulging in a puzzle is the ideal way to unwind and relax. It also helps to bring your mind and thoughts to the present moment giving you respite from some of the outside distractions while you check in with your inner  self. For more information on the positive aspects of mindfulness and puzzles see our blog post from mindfulness expert Simon Alexander Ong

Mental Workout 

One of the most profound benefits of puzzling is how much it helps you to engage your brain, which is perfect for when you start to get the feeling you’re becoming at one with the sofa after watching too many box sets. Trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle helps bring together both your left (logical) and right (creative) sides of the brain, kickstarts your focus and can relieve boredom or mental ‘staleness’.

Some people can even find out more about themselves in the process - Are you drawn to certain aspects in the puzzle that you want to start first, abstract sections or splashes of colour? Do you work more methodically and complete outwards-in? What does your puzzling say about you?

Distraction from the TV

Some feedback that we get from many of our customers is the amount of times they’ve set up their puzzle on the coffee table, with a glass of wine in hand and the intention of turning on telly in the background… only to find themselves a couple of hours in, puzzle nearly complete and the TV forgotten. What’s more, they’ve found that it enticed other family members away from their phones and video games consoles to join in, working together, connecting over their new jigsaw and celebrating when someone connects a particularly troublesome section. One of the best things about jigsaws is how inclusive they are, meaning the whole family can join in and it’s suitable for all ages.

In a world surrounded by electronics, sometimes it feels great to switch our phones on silent, say no to that next episode for now, and tune in to a jigsaw.

Did you see us on the News?

Did you see us on the News?

We were delighted to see that wooden jigsaw puzzles was featured on ITV News West Country on 20th April! Here's the clip in case you missed it...

Wood Puzzle Party Favors - Fun Animals - Package Of 12 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles  on Luulla | Puzzle party, Wooden jigsaw puzzles, Wooden puzzles


We had some great coverage of our production and dispatching areas highlighting the extra safety precautions we have in place to keep our staff safe whilst still providing our customers with new puzzles.

ITV chatted to our Managing Director, Sarah Watson about the impact Covid-19 has had on the business and to our Production Manager, Tom Webb who explained why he thinks jigsaw puzzles are proving so popular during this crisis.

“They’re a great pastime. Obviously, people have got a lot more time on their hands indoors. They’re very immersive as well. You lose yourself in the puzzle and in these difficult times that we’re in it’s a great distraction for people.”

We are very pleased that people can turn to puzzles for their benefits, and that they’re proving so helpful during a potentially stressful time

We’ve really enjoyed talking to our customers on social media too, from puzzling with their families to passing on tips for new members of the jigsaw community, as well as finding out other things they are up to while social distancing.

What we’ve all been getting up to during lockdown

In our last blog, we looked at how wooden jigsaw puzzles can provide a range of benefits, while we are spending a bit more time indoors than usual. We’ve been asking our wonderful customers and followers on social media for things to do at home, what else they have been getting up to, to pass the time and here are their wonderful ideas for anyone looking for a bit on inspiration;


People naturally love to create and we are happier when expressing ourselves. Art is such a great activity as it can stimulate the imagination, lower stress levels and increase our emotional awareness. There are lots of creative passions to explore too - from breaking out the watercolours and painting a beautiful landscape, creative writing, a musical instrument or craft projects such as sewing, embroidery and card-making. Some are even using their creative sewing talents to stitch together scrubs, masks and headbands for NHS and key workers.


Baking is another form of creating, and one that yields a delicious reward at the end! There are recipes for all levels of bakers, from the family-friendly cupcakes to more ambitious pastries.

One thing is for certain - that baking your own bread is definitely on the rise - with Sourdough loaves and Banana Bread seeming to be the most popular. We particularly love to see the variety of twists on these classic recipes too, and even better when there are wonderful pictures of these yummy creations, fresh from the oven.


It’s as important to look after the body, as well as the mind, and with the closure of gyms and sports clubs, many of us are getting creative with our exercise at home. There’s plenty of resources available such as Joe Wick’s PE lessons on YouTube every morning to get little ones, and their parents, active and awake ready to start the day. Personal Trainers on social media are also providing home-friendly workout ideas for all levels using bodyweight-only exercises or substituting weights for everyday household items making them accessible for everyone.

Group classes are also being provided for - Zumba on Zoom anyone? - as well as yoga and dance, for those who love the social element of exercise too.


As we are spending more time in the home, lots of us are taking the opportunity to make it a nicer place to be, whether it’s a little spruce up with a duster and polish, or a full-on Marie Kondo organising spree. It’s also a great opportunity to finally get those little DIY jobs around the home checked off your to-do list, and we’ve seen some amazing up-cycling projects on furniture, giving them a new lease of life.


No longer reserved just for long-distance work meetings, video-chatting platforms such as Google Hangouts are super popular for keeping in touch with family and friends. Groups who traditionally meet in person are also adapting to meeting online, we even had one customer whose Morris Dancing group practised together via video call!

There’s definitely a special effort made for those whose birthdays have fallen during social distancing - There are some handy guides on how to throw a perfect Zoom party, including sending digital invitations, choosing a great digital background and the best games to play over video chat.


A popular gift to send loved one at the moment is a lovingly created care package including bath bombs, face masks and small candles, which is a wonderful way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

What better way to chill out and have some me-time then to create your very own spa day at home. So find a relaxing music playlist, throw on your cosiest dressing gown while you run a bath, and have a wonderful soak in some bubbles. Go on, you deserve it!

Farm Animals - 4 x 12pc Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles in a Box By Melissa and Doug  (discon) -


These have definitely become a household essential in the last month, even for celebrities. And it’s easy to see why when you look at all the wonderful benefits!

We even fast-tracked a coveted selection of our summer range so our lovely customers could refresh their wooden puzzle collection, to suit the wonderful weather we have been having lately!